6 Benefits of Using Plywood for Building Projects

When it comes to certain build materials for home renovations and construction work, there’s a ton of different options for builders to choose from. And depending on the focus of your project, many different types of wood variations can be implemented for different areas. According to many of the best construction contractors however, one of the best and most versatile options for any type of building project is certainly plywood. Plywood has come quite far over the years, since it first started being used in the early 20th century. And while it was first seen as a substitute for solid wood, it has now become the preferred choice for many builders and homeowners alike! At GoBuild.com, they offer a wide variety of build materials, and plywood has easily become one of the best sellers. In this article, we will be going over 6 important benefits of using plywood for your projects.

Plywood is Aesthetically Pleasing

Before we delve any deeper into plywood, the first thing we need to point out is the aesthetic appeal of using plywood for your home renovation projects. One of the main reasons it’s one of the top selling construction materials on GoBuild.com is because of how great it looks. With high-quality wood outer ply, plywood can look just as great as real wood and it looks amazing when it’s covered with a good quality veneer as well!

Highly Durable & Strong

If you think wood is strong, when it comes to building materials plywood is by far one of the strongest and most durable options around today! The manufacturing method of plywood solves any inherent issues with the strength of the natural wood source. Plywood is made of wood plies that have been pressure-bonded with adhesives, at varying angles. This gives plywood a cross-grain throughout its structure, which provides an evenly-distributed, weight-bearing strength and it can also withstand lots of in-service stress (at all angles) for a longer time. That makes it a more durable alternative to both solid wood and other engineered wood products.

Plywood Can Cover Large Areas

When it comes to square footage, and overall coverage, plywood is one of the best options as it can come in all different sizes and shapes – depending on what the size of the area you need to cover is going to be. This makes it a great choice for large construction projects, and allows you to cut pieces into whatever size and shape you need.

Plywood is Lightweight

Despite its amazing strength, durability, and the fact that it comes in larger sizes, plywood is actually one of the most lightweight building materials you can find! This means that plywood is easier to use for furniture-making. In contrast, heavier solid wood can be far heavier and much more labor-intensive, both for crafting furniture and other commercial applications.

Highly Pliable and Good for Curved Areas

Solid wood is strong but nearly impossible to use with curved, oddly shaped surfaces and areas of any construction project. When you make curved surfaces using solid wood, the edges would probably be rather rough and uneven. Plywood can be made to fit any curved surface fairly easily. Plus, it doesn’t split that easily because of its cross-layered structure – meaning you can bend it, cut it, or drive nails through it without any issues.

Easier on Your Budget

One of the biggest benefits of using plywood for your building project is that the price is almost always cheaper that solid wood! Plywood is one of the most cost-effective engineered wood products you can find these days and the fact that you can use every inch of a plywood sheet means there is less waste and you’ll save money on labor and materials.

For more information on plywood and other building materials, or to purchase some at the best prices available online, be sure to visit GoBuildd.com today.